Dotte Rocks

DR 01 - 300A great bird for the beginning chicken keeper, Dotte Rocks are hardy and extremely friendly.

The Dotte Rock is a hybrid chicken derived from two incredible egg layers: the Golden Laced Wyandotte and the Plymouth Barred Rock. As a first generation hybrid, Dotte Rocks often exceed the egg-laying ability of either their parents.

Another great benefit of Dotte Rocks is that it is easy to tell their sex immediately after they hatch. This makes it possible to select only females if you want egg layers, or only males if you want meat birds.

As a hybrid chicken, Dotte Rocks cannot be mated together to create more Dotte Rocks. It is difficult to predict what the offspring of Dotte Rock pairing will look like. The only way to create a Dotte Rock chick is by mating a Golden laced Wyandotte rooster and a Barred Plymouth Rock hen.

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